The YA Book Club for Girls

Hi! My name is Rachel and welcome to The Bookcase's first ever young readers book club, aimed towards girls ages 11-15 who are at any reading level. I'm a junior in high school and run the blog you're looking at. To learn more about what I do or if you have questions, feel free to email me by clicking the 'email me' button on our sidebar. I'm so excited to launch this book club--I know we'll have so much fun! 

The book club will meet four times a year and read three books*. The first meeting is orientation where we'll meet and greet and pick up our first book! The meetings are mostly dictated by what the girls want to talk about, with me as their guide. I can help prompt questions and get the ball rolling, but I'm sure they'll come up with some fun things to talk about once they're started. 

There will be candy, pizza and soda for all who show up, along with prizes! No girl is obligated to attend every meeting and read every book--but we sure hope she does! 

All meetings will take place at The Bookcase in the upper level (the children's level). 

Right now we have a tentative orientation date of March 3rd, but official dates will be sent out when we get a feel for how many girls are going to show up.

Follow the steps below. Nothing is official if you sign up, so if you're just curious add your name to the list so you can learn more about it! I will email you with further instructions/information. 
  1. Sign up with your first and last name either on the form at the store or by emailing Rachel, which you can do by clicking the email button our sidebar.
  2. If you look at our sidebar you'll see a poll asking which of the three books you'd rather read for this season. Answer that so we can get a majority vote. (With each 3 seasons, a different set of books will be chosen to pick from.)
  3. Wait. I will email you to confirm your registration. This is where you can tell me if you're still interested in being a part of the book club. 
  4. I will then add you to the roster and give you more detailed information about the first meeting.
  5. Attend orientation on the tentative March 3rd date and come prepared to talk books and have fun! There will be food and prizes!
*all books chosen have been researched or read by me to ensure the content level is suitable for the middle school age group