The (YA) Bookcase is a book blog for The Bookcase, an independent bookstore in Wayzata, MN. This blog's focus is to connect with our young readers who read the middle grade and young adult genres. Since this is a blog for a store that sells books, we only put the reviews of books that we liked on our blog, therefore this blog consists of only reviews of books we'd recommend. We try to read all the books we receive and if we don't like one, we don't put it on the blog, that way we can be honest about the books we like. 

Our reviews will all consist of: 
  • At least 50 words or more about our thoughts on the book (we don't summarize the plot) 
  • A summary of the plot provided by the publisher or official sites such as Goodreads
  • A mention to the publisher the advance copy came from
  • The number of pages on the hardcover copy (or paperback if the book is in paperback)
  • An option to buy the book reviewed at our online store
Where our advance copies come from: 
  • Since we're a bookstore, we receive lots of advance copies (or galleys) from our sales representatives
  • We also accept packages specified for review from individual publishing houses
  • And we also accept eBooks from publishing houses 
  • We review a lot of the books sent to us by our sales reps, but if a publisher specifically sends us books in the mail, we try to review those as priority* (but sending us a book does not ensure that it will be reviewed, only that we are more likely to fit it into the top our TBR list if possible) 
  • We welcome all emails from publicists, sales reps and authors, and as a bookstore, we are always interested in working with them 
What kinds of books we review: 
  • We review young adult and middle grade books of any genre 
  • We review both books and ebooks (books are preferred, not all reviewers have devices to read ebooks on) 
  • We review published and self-published books, but we do not review self-published ebooks because we do not sell them at our online store 
Besides reviews...
  • We love to interview authors, give away free books, interact with other bloggers and participate in online events and memes!

*If you'd like to send us books for review, here is the address:

Rachel @ The (YA) Bookcase
824 East Lake Street
Wayzata, MN 55391

(If publishers have my home address and are sending me books that way, that is fine!)

Contact Information

If you're wondering if we're able to do a blog tour, cover reveal, author guest post, or review, please email the blog at yabookcase AT gmail DOT com.


If you're a young adult/middle grade author looking for a place to tour in MN, contact us! We're a lakeside indie bookstore with great sushi, Chinese, American, and Irish restaurants near us, along with bakeries, boutiques, coffee shops and an ice cream parlor! We're 20 minutes from Minneapolis but have our home in the small village of Wayzata. To get started, contact our events coordinator at: charlie AT bookcaseofwayzata DOT com. 

Thank you!
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