Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

Annie and Fia are ready to fight back.
The sisters have been manipulated and controlled by the Keane Foundation for years, trapped in a never ending battle for survival. Now they have found allies who can help them truly escape. After faking her own death, Annie has joined a group that is plotting to destroy the Foundation. And Fia is working with James Keane to bring his father down from the inside.

But Annie's visions of the future can't show her who to trust in the present. And though James is Fia's first love, Fia knows he's hiding something. The sisters can rely only on each other - but that may not be enough to save them.

Publisher: HarperTeen
Number of Pages: 232
Type: Hardcover 

Reviewed by Rachel, age 18

Perfect Lies was a fun sequel to Mind Games, though I'd have to say White's manipulation of time during the story was even more of a mind game than book one. These books really are just good, read-in-one-or-two-sittings type stories. 

They're so fast-paced it feels like you're eating words, absorbing and flipping pages at the same time. There's definitely suspense and love and lots of tension. White uses her writing to depict the unstable Fia, using things like run-on sentences or a repetition of words with no commas. You really get a feel for her mental state that way. 

I love that this book is more about sister love than relationship love. In YA, it's much rarer, and so it's a refreshing angle. But there is also love for both sisters to keep romantic readers satisfied. 

The ending is chockfull of impact. I love Annie in this book and I think if you ever were annoyed by her in book one she redeems herself full swing in book two. However, I disliked the actual ending. It was satisfying for one sister and--to me--unsatisfying for another. I didn't like how it ended so abruptly, especially since (I believe) this is a "duology" and so Perfect Lies is the last book. 

I would recommend these books to anyone looking for a quick, entertaining read. They grab your interest from the get-go and don't let go until the end. The characters are fun and there is always a little bit of humor amidst the tension. Despite my dislike for the ending, I enjoyed the read! 

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Happy reading!
Rachel, age 18


  1. Hmm, I keep seeing varying opinions on this series. I have not read Mind Games, so I have not read Perfect Lies. I liked White's The Chaos of Stars and Paranormalcy, but I have not read her other books. I think she's a pretty great writer! It seems like you think this is a fun duo to read... so I'll keep these on the table, so to speak :D

    Fantastic review, Rachel!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Yeah, these are books that are just plain "good". There is nothing particularly bad or amazing about them, they're just solid reads for the time it takes to read them. Airplane reads! :)


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