Thursday, January 30, 2014

School of Charm by Lisa Ann Scott

Who’s got time for hair curlers and high heels when you’re busy keeping baby turtles alive?
Chip has always been a tree-climbin’, fish-catchin’ daddy’s girl. When Daddy dies, Mama moves her and her sisters south to Grandma’s house and Chip struggles to find her place in a family full of beauty queens.
Just when she's wishing for a sign from Daddy that her new life’s going to work, Chip discovers Miss Vernie’s School of Charm. Could unusual pageant lessons and secrets be the key to making Chip’s wishes a reality?

Full of spirit, hope, and a hint of magic, this enchanting debut novel tells the tale of one girl’s struggle with a universal question: How do you stay true to yourself and find a way to belong at the same time?

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Number of Pages: 304
Type: Hardcover 

Reviewed by Anja, age 9

This book is good because it tells a fun story with an important lesson.
Chip is having a hard time. Her daddy dies and now she’s stuck with beauty queens whom she has nothing in common with. Worst of all, they want her to enter a pageant! What does Chip do? Read the book to find out; I bet you will be just as surprised as I was! 

This book hits shelves February of 2014! 

Happy reading!
Anja, age 9

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