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INTERVIEW: Megan Shepherd

If you've read the blog this year, then you know that many of the reviewers read and enjoyed The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd. (You can read Rachel's review, here.) This book is creepy, unique, suspenseful, scary, sweet, horrifying, romantic--pretty much all the things you could hope for in a book! We had very few complaints. Now, the title and cover have been revealed for the sequel, Her Dark Curiosity, which was inspired by the themes in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Read our interview with Ms. Shepherd to learn more about it! 

What can we expect to be different and what can we expect to be the same in Her Dark Curiosity in comparison to The Madman's Daughter

I think they’re similar books in terms of mood and tone, and many of the main characters are the same, though HER DARK CURIOSITY introduces some new faces. Though THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER largely took place on a tropical island, HER DARK CURIOSITY finds Juliet back in London in wintertime, but I think she finds that in some ways the city can be just as savage and dangerous as the jungle.

What are you most excited for in Her Dark Curiosity? Did you enjoy writing it as much as The Madman's Daughter?

Writing HER DARK CURIOSITY was much harder, largely because of the internal struggle in many of the characters. In the first book Juliet defeats her father physically, and yet she still has to deal with his dark legacy, and how much she is becoming like him. It was a challenge to weave in themes, plots, and characters from THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE (which serves as inspiration for the second book), but it was a challenge I loved doing.

Describe Her Dark Curiosity in three words.


I absolutely loved the characters in The Madman's Daughter. Monsters and humans alike! But as far as the three main characters go...

Describe Montgomery and Juliet's relationship in 3 words.


Describe Edward and Juliet's relationship in 3 words. 


What inspired you most while writing Her Dark Curiosity?

My husband and I took a trip to London to research the book. Late one night, we took a Jack the Ripper tour through twisting Whitechapel lanes and saw the actual places where the grisly murders were committed. The buildings and streets hadn’t changed all that much since the Victorian era. It was so disturbing and frightening that one lady on the tour fainted. Needless to say, many of those twisting streets serve as a creepy setting in the book.

Anything you can tell us about Book #3?

Book Three continues to explore the themes of scientific arrogance and dark experimentation introduced in the first two books, but this time it takes place on a remote and ancient manor in northern Scotland. If the theme of the first book is man versus animal, and the theme of the second book is man versus self, then the theme of the third book is man (or woman!) versus death. So that fits nicely with the Frankenstein theme, though it isn’t a straight retelling of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN.

Thanks so much, Ms. Shepherd! A  remote tropical island, London, Scotland...We can't wait for Her Dark Curiosity and Book Three to hit shelves!!! 

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  1. I really want to read it, but my library doesn't have it. I've requested it and when they get it I'll be the first one to read it!

  2. I'm dying to read this book!! It sounds sooo interesting!!! I love the interview and I will definitely be checking this book out!!

  3. I'm really looking forward to reading this book- it sounds dark and mysterious! :))

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! ♥

  4. Oooo, Megan! I actually haven't read The Madman's Daughter. I think someone sent me an ARC, but I don't know where it is anymore - perhaps I let someone borrow it and I never asked for it back. Oh well. I definitely need to read it, because I have a healthy obsession with all things historical. And I can't wait for Her Dark Curiosity to come out! The cover is so amazing :)

    Thank you for the interview and giveaway!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. I have wanted to read this book for FOREVER!
    I was on the wait list at my library but never got the chance to pick it up :[
    I love the premise for Madman's Daughter and would love to give it a read sometime soon!
    Thanks for a great post! The interview was really neat :D

  6. I was thinking she meant Juliet. I could be wrong though :) Love the interview! Thanks for the giveaway~

  7. I've had the book but still haven't read it! I definitely need to now : ) Thanks for the awesome interview!

  8. I have wanted to read The Madman's Daughter for awhile now and this just makes me desperate to! I will definitely be reading it! Hopefully soon!

  9. Thinking it's Juliet...but really, not sure. But OH!!! I cannot wait for Her Dark Curiosity :D

  10. I've really been wanting to read The Madman's Daughter for a long time! :)

  11. I'm pretty sure I know the identity of the split-natured person, and I'm pretty sure it's not Juliet, but to say who it is would be spoilery for TMD... so I'm just going to leave it at that ;)

    1. I think we're on the same page Jessica... ;)


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