Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Genius Files #3 You Only Die Twice by Dan Gutman

The most dangerous road trip in history continues for thirteen-year-old twins Coke and Pepsi McDonald.
Just when they thought they were safe, the twins will be
by an evil Elvis impersonator,
in a pool of flesh-eating soda pop, nearly
in a giant shredder, and
in a turbo-charged carnival ride.
worst of all,
no one believes them!
Will they make it out alive? Will they ever find out who’s really after them? All bets are off in this explosive third book in the Genius Files series!

Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 256
Type: Hardcover

Reviewed by Lily, age 12
You Only Die Twice was a fun surprise.  I loved the first Genius Files book but was disappointed with the second book in the series. But You Only Die Twice made up for it, since it is my favorite of the series so far. Coke and Pepsi McDonald are back for a wild and perilous adventure. The story of how they outwit their foes on the way to Graceland, Elvis's home, is extremely clever and hilarious. I especially like that Mr. Gutman understands what kids find funny. I highly recommend this book for boys and girls ages 8-12. There is no need to read the first book but doing so will make this book even more enjoyable.
Thank you to HarperCollins Children's Books for this fun and entertaining book!

This book is on shelves now! 

Happy reading!
Lily, age 12

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