Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shadowbinders by Kambrea Pratt, illustrations by Thom Pratt

Mia White was an ordinary high school girl with ordinary high school problems. That all changed the day she was given her grandfather’s mysterious journal and an even more mysterious antique ring... one that transports her to another world! Now this ordinary girl finds herself in an extraordinary realm filled with airships, flying serpents and clockwork cities! But her biggest challenge may come in the form of handsome, aloof (and downright infuriating) mage Crimson Rhen... Shadowbinders Vol. 1 collects the first four chapters of the popular webcomic into a graphic novel format. Set sail for steampunk, fantasy, magic, mecha and romance!

Publisher: Clownfish Media
Type: Paperback

Reviewed by Amanda, age 17
Shadowbinders is a graphic novel, which had me interested right away. It starts with Mia, the protagonist, putting on a ring that her grandmother gave her. The ring takes her to a different world where she's thrust onto a ship that drops off cargo at different places in this different world, and helps those places if need be. It was interesting to see Mia learn about this whole new world that's seemingly much better than her real life and I loved the cute crush Chris and the charming Rhen, who is the captain of the mysterious ship. As the book goes on you start to like the characters more and more as their stories start showing interesting and unique each character is. There is supposed to be ten books total in the series and I look forward to reading them all. I would recommend this book to any fan of graphic novels and romances.

This book is on shelves now! 

Happy reading!
Amanda, age 17

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