Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Fun Things!

Most bloggers know this, so this is my post for you Bookcasers that don't know about the awesomeness that is HarperTeen! 

HarperTeen always has fun things going on at their minisites Epic Reads, Story Crush and Pitch Dark where you can find interviews, videos, recommendations, book maps, quizzes, giveaways, playlists, and much more interactive things!

One thing they do every year is Dark Days, which features 'dark' books, usually supernatural, that are coming out in the new year. Every one of them is. always. to. die. for. 

Here is what they've revealed so far, however they are still revealing one more over at Pitch Dark

We will be reviewing the few of these that we have and have already held a giveaway for MIND GAMES and possibly more Dark Days books in the future, so stay tuned! (*wink wink*) I myself just finished UNDER THE NEVER SKY and it was amazing, so I'm thrilled to be starting THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT in the next month or so! All of these sound epic and I'm so excited for them to hit shelves so we can all read them! If Dark Days has a stop in Minnesota, I will be sure to post about it if this is something that interests you. And bloggers, if you go let me know how it went and what you picked up! 


Another fun thing HarperTeen has come up with is Impulse, an online imprint just for young adult books! Can you believe it?! How cool is that?? What's even cooler is that there are a lot of short stories on there from series you might have read. (Hallowed, Firelight, etc!) and more stand alone short stories from great authors such as Scott Westerfeld. 

The two best parts of Impulse are that the ebooks are cheap and they're releasing more and more constantly! You should look out for other authors like Amy Plum and Kiera Cass in the future. Some of these short stories are from another character's point of view, which is always fun to read! 

A few more random, but fun things you can do at these minisites are...
  • Fun quizzes, such as these
  • Playlists to get you pumped for a book, like this one!
  • Want to read a book set in a certain country? Check these maps out
  • Want to know more about the authors behind the books? Always check in for author vlogs or interviews! 
  • Like free books? Create an account on one of the mini sites and sign up for their frequent giveaways!
  • Like, Try, Why's!
  • Online Book clubs at Epic Reads!
  • Other fun things more or less related to books! 
  • And the Epic Reads Tea Time Chats. You can come home from school, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and tune into all the fun news Epic Reads has to share with you. This includes naming Kate and William's Royal baby after young adult characters and tons of other fun things like Epic Feasts and Twitter Waves! Those girls are hilarious and always present things in a new and different way every time. The best parts? You laugh a lot and learn about all the new books you NEED to have. 
I hope you've learned more about how you can interact online with books, publishers, and other readers! And to think I was just skimming the surface!!!

Remember to tune in for our reviews and vlogs as well! Come interact with us and share your thoughts! 

Happy reading!
Rachel & The Youth Board

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