Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hysteria by Megan Miranda

After stabbing and killing her boyfriend, sixteen-year-old Mallory, who has no memory of the event, is sent away to a boarding school to escape the gossip and threats, but someone or something is following her.
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Number of Pages: 336
Type: Hardcover

Reviewed by Hannah, age 17
Murder. Death. Blood. Haunting memories. Prepared to get caught up in a world of deadly secrets and a world where what seems real and what is real becomes dangerously intertwined. Memory’s torment the characters and sweep the reader into a heart-pounding search for pieces of the puzzle that haunts the reader with each step to the bone-chilling truth. With a unique writing style Megan Miranda effortlessly blends together a haunting past and a dangerous present— truly making Hysteriaa psychological thriller that will make you scavenge for answers in this murder mystery. New relationships, prep school, wicked enemies, true friends, and lots of blood are sure to only add to the suspense. Leading up to an ending that will make your head spin. Hysteria is true to its name, bringing the reader to the edge of their seat with an ending that will make your heart go hysteria!

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This book hits shelves February of 2013!
Happy reading!
Hannah, age 17

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