Saturday, September 8, 2012

Iron Hearted Violet by Kelly Barnhill

The end of their world begins with a story.
This one.
In most fairy tales, princesses are beautiful, dragons are terrifying, and stories are harmless. This isn't most fairy tales.
Princess Violet is plain, reckless, and quite possibly too clever for her own good. Particularly when it comes to telling stories. One day she and her best friend, Demetrius, stumble upon a hidden room and find a peculiar book. A forbidden book. It tells a story of an evil being -- called the Nybbas -- imprisoned in their world. The story cannot be true -- not really. But then the whispers start. Violet and Demetrius, along with an ancient, scarred dragon, may hold the key to the Nybbas's triumph . . . or its demise. It all depends on how they tell the story. After all, stories make their own rules.
Iron Hearted Violet is a story of a princess unlike any other. It is a story of the last dragon in existence, deathly afraid of its own reflection. Above all, it is a story about the power of stories, our belief in them, and how one enchanted tale changed the course of an entire kingdom.

Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers 
Number of Pages: 432
Type: Hardcover

Reviewed by Lily, age 10
Iron Hearted Violet is a very special book that takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions from fear and excitement during a big battle scene to  sadness when a favorite character is at the brink of death and to joy when characters escaped evil beings.  I also laughed a lot.  The story is so well-written that I felt like I was in the magical world of princesses, special dragons and evil beings.  I especially liked the two main characters, Princess Violet and Demetrius.  The author also knows how to write a book that will appeal to both girls and boys.  The book was just a little bit hard to get into but readers really need to stay with it because it is a great story that I did not want to end.  I hope fhis is the first book in a series. Recommended for boys and girls ages 8-12.
Thank you to Little, Brown and Company for this awesome book.

This book his shelves October of 2012! 

Happy reading! 
Lily, age 10

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