Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver

In the turbulent world of the Mediterranean Bronze Age, long before the Greek myths, a boy and a girl battle for survival. With the help of three animal allies - a dolphin, a falcon and a lion cub - they defeat the forces of tyranny and withstand the elemental powers of the gods of land and sea.
Publisher: Dial
Number of Pages: 283
Type: Hardcover

Reviewed by Lily, age 10

Gods and Warriors is an awesome book!!!!  I started reading the book after school and read it all the way through in one sitting because it was so great.The story is exceptionally adventuresome story is very exciting because the main characters are on a quest to stay alive in the face of unbeatable warriors and evil forces.  The book is well-written and offers a complex and interesting plot as well as a variety of characters. I truly felt like I was in the book at times with the characters.  Every chapter ends in such a way that you cannot wait to turn the page and read on. I am a huge fan of the Percy Jackson series and found this to be as entertaining as that series.  I highly recommend this book to boys and girls over age 10. Thank you to Dial Books for Young Reading for this awesome book. Loved it and cannot wait for the next book in the series!

This book hits shelves August of 2012! 

Happy reading!
Lily, age 10

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