Saturday, April 21, 2012

Muncle Trogg by Janet Foxley

A topsy-turvy fairy tale about a small giant on a big adventure! Let's get ready to grumble! Mount Grumble is where the giants live. But (contrary to what you might think, maybe because of their name) not every "giant" (see?) is, um...big. In fact, Muncle Trogg is so SMALL that all the other giants make fun of him for being (uh-oh) people-sized. And toss him around like a football! Fed up, Muncle Trogg climbs down Mount Grumble to take a look at the Smallings (that would be humans) he supposedly looks like. What he discovers is....a sulky green dragon and a terribly sensible girl? But when Mount Grumble is put in harm's way, it's up to little Muncle to be the bigger smallest giant, prove that size doesn't matter, and somehow save his home!

Publisher: Chicken House
Number of Pages: 206
Type: Paperback

Reviewed by Lily, age 10
I liked reading Muncle Trogg!  The clever story centers around the smallest giant in the world and it made me laugh. It's a bit weird so it will be enjoyed anyone who likes reading something different.  I liked all of  the characters, even the ugly and weird ones.  Recommended for boys and girls, ages 7-10.

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Happy reading! 
Lily, age 10

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