Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Boys Really Want by Pete Hautman

National Book Award winning author Pete Hautman lets us in on the secret. Lita is the writer. Adam is the entrepreneur. They are JUST FRIENDS. So Adam would never sell copies of a self-help book before he'd even written it. And Lita would never try to break up Adam's relationship with Blair, the skankiest girl at school. They'd never sabotage their friends Emily and Dennis. Lita would never date a guy related to a girl she can't stand. They'd never steal each other's blog posts. And Adam would never end up in a fist fight with Lita's boyfriend. Nope, never. Adam and Lita might never agree on what happened, but in this hilarious story from Pete Hautman, they manage to give the world a little more insight into what boys and girls are really want.

Publisher: Scholastic
Number of Pages: 304
Type: Hardcover

Reviewed by Amanda, age 16

What Boys Really Want by Pete Hautman was good. For me the story was slow getting into, but later on when (me being a romance-lover) the couples starting getting together, the book got much better! It was a funny story, with great characters that contrasted each other nicely. The writing was good too; the perfect kind that would be good for tweens, not necessarily teens. Overall it was a great plot that just took too long to get things started.

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Happy reading! 
Amanda, age 16

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